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Shay Donovan

Is an artist based in Guelph, ON

Shay Donovan is an interdisciplinary artist based out of Guelph, Ontario and a graduate of the Studio Art program at the University of Guelph. They create representative artwork focusing on expression and anxieties surrounding the human condition through painting, textile work, and photography. With the integration of mild distortion and occult imagery, Shay introduces an accessible library of symbols found in the subconscious that any viewer can find themselves in. Shay will be starting at NSCAD in Fall 2023 to pursue an MFA.



Instagram: shay_dono



I Don't Do Comics

Issue 3: E-Motion, Fall 2020

Kaleidoscope Magazine

Issue 14, Fall 2019

Kaleidoscope Magazine

Issue 11, Spring 2018

Everything Happens - 2021

Zavitz Gallery, Guelph, ON

Lot. 14 - 2021

Boarding House Gallery, Guelph, ON

Exposure - 2021

Zavitz Gallery, Guelph, ON

A Thousand Miles From Nowhere - 2021

Zavitz Gallery, Guelph, ON

Nothing Forever, Anything Now! - 2020

Boarding House Gallery, Guelph, ON

Now For Something Completely Different - 2018

Zavitz Gallery, Guelph, ON

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